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Company Profile

Company Profile
PT. Orca Industri Akademi is a profesional training provider and international conference organizer that is actively involved in enhancing human resource quality in both Indonesia and regional area by bridging collaborations between industries and academician. The program/training offered covers the training in engineering for industrial people from the area of constructions, automotives, manufacturing, oil and gas industries. We also actively involve in organizing International Conference and publishing paper in highly reputable International Journal. Our company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Vision: Becoming the best profesional training provider and human resources developer in Indonesia and regional area in 2030 through creative innovation and strategic collaboration.  

Mission: Enhancing solid and comprehensive effort in human resources development in Indonesia and regional area.


Welding for Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries as per API Standards

This training will be covering all aspects in welding, such as basic prinsiple of welding, arc welding, resistance welding, welding metallurgy, join and design, etc. API (American Petroleum Institute) will be used as the guidelines. Furthermore, all aspect of quality control and inspection will be covered widely.

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Corrosion and Its Prevention in Oil and Gas Industries

This training covers the basic principle of corrosion, corrosion mechanism, metal corrosions, atmospheric corrosion, non-metal corrosion, and corrosion prevention, such as inhibitor, coating, anodic and cathodic protection.

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Rock physics and Hydrocarbon Prediction

Rock Physics is a key element in quantitative interpretation for better reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon prediction. This course will provide the attendee the basics of Rock Physics by examining the link between elastic properties and hydrocarbon reservoirs. The course will focus not only on the theoretical aspects but also on the practical application using open source computation software: Python.

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Process Optimization: An Enabler for Profit Maximization in Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries

This course will introduce the participants how to formulate optimization problems in our daily processes, to know which solution techniques to use, and to be able to use simple yet powerful approach/method/software to optimize our processes. The course covers steady-state optimization which is applied broadly ranging from molecular scale to unit operations (e.g. process design and engineering), plant sites (e.g. resources minimization), and until enterprise level (e.g. supply chain management).

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Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) and Risk Management

Process hazards analysis (PHA) and risk management are essential to prevent process catastrophic incidents. A process hazard analysis is an organized and systematic effort to identify and analyze the significance of potential hazards. It also analyzes potential causes and consequences of fires, explosions, release of toxic or flammable chemicals, and major spills of hazardous chemicals. PHA generally focuses on equipment, instrumentation, utilities, human actions and external factors that might affect the process.

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Heat Integration for Process Industries: Concept to Reality

This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to participants for applying the heat integration concept in designing an optimum process flowsheet for minimum energy consumption. This course covers minimum utility targeting, design and optimization of heat exchanger network, as well as network retrofitting.

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Simulation of Industrial Processes for Troubleshooting and Optimization

Process simulation software have been around for decades now. Among them, Aspen HYSYS and Aspen PLUS from AspenTech are most popular ones. Other software like Symmetry (from Schlumberger/VMG), Pro/II (AVEVA), Unisim (HoneyWell), and even open software like DWSIM, COCO, and many others have their own market shares as well. These software have been used to model and simulate industrial processes using 1st principle and advanced thermodynamic models. The main goals are simply to better understand the processes that are dealt with so that they can be improved, optimized, and troubleshot more efficiently and more cost effectively.

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  •  10/04/2021 10:46 AM
  • Acara Online

The webinar will cover the following topics: 1. Introduction to computational fluid dynamics 2. Develop a computational fluid dynamics model for industrial transport processes 3. Application of CFD for Heat exchanger (Sample Study). 4. Application of CFD for Industrial catalytic reactor (Sample Study).

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  • Rp150000.00
  •  20/03/2021 08:00 PM
  • Acara Online

Tujuan Pelatihan: Setelah mengikuti pelatihan ini para peserta akan mampu: 1. menjelaskan kepentingan, resiko dan penyebab korosi di industri. 2. menjelaskan prinsip dasar elektrokimia, termodinamika dan kinetika korosi. 3. menjelaskan lingkungan korosif yg dominan di industri & menyarankan teknik-teknik perlindungan yg sesuai. Biaya Pelatihan: Rp 150.000 (Mahasiswa) Rp 200.000 (Umum)

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Turnad Lenggo Ginta, ST. MT. Ph.D

Founder, PT. Orca Industri Akademi (

Turnad Lenggo Ginta, ST, MT. Ph.D. He obtained bachelor degree (ST) and master degree (MT) from ITB. All in Mechanical Engineering. He obtained his PhD in Manufacturing from International Islamic University Malaysia in 2010. He has been a lecturer, researcher and educator for more than 25 year, where 15 years he spent in Malaysia. His expertise varies from welding technology, corrosion and its prevention, high precision machining, and manufacturing for sustainability. He is the founder of PT. Orca Industri Akademi. He is also an active member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Dr. Bambang Ari-Wahjoedi

Material Technologist and Material Chemist, and Associate Professor

Dr.Eng. Bambang Ari-Wahjoedi,MScTech. Is based in Bandung (West Jawa) and he is currently with Sumatera Institute of Technology in Lampung, Sumatera. Dr. Bambang was graduated his master and doctorate degrees in Materials Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK. As an educator Dr. Bambang strives to provide quality teaching and learning of even complex subjects to becoming less daunting tasks. The expertise area of Dr. Bambang ranges from materials science and engineering to materials chemistry including its electrochemical aspects of corrosion science and engineering. Dr. Bambang approaches his subjects by both experimental as well as computational modelling techniques. His current research interest is molecular Interactions in metal surface complex formation leading to thermodynamic as well as kinetic states of passivity among others. For his leisure time Dr. Bambang does violin music and popular science and technology reading.

Zulfan Adi Putra, PDEng

Senior Process Engineer

Zulfan Adi Putra, PDEng, PEng, is a senior process engineer at one of major oil & gas companies in South East Asia. He obtained his bachelor of engineering (ST) from ITB, Indonesia, master of science (MSc) from UTP, Malaysia, and engineering doctorate (PDEng) from TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands. All in chemical engineering. He is involved in process plant troubleshooting via modeling and simulation, heat integration projects, data analytics, and machine learning development for process plant optimization. He was previously a senior lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Department of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia. His areas of teaching and research are process synthesis and design, process modeling and simulation, process optimization, pinch analysis, and process integration. For almost a decade before being a lecturer, he was a process engineer and a consultant for various chemical companies in The Netherlands such as Trespa International, AkzoNobel, SABIC, Momentive, SC Johnson, DSM, and Hexion. He has been involved in different phases of chemical lifecycle such as research and development, feasibility studies, conceptual design, basic engineering, plant modeling and optimization, troubleshooting, as well as techno-economic analysis.

Jundika Candra Kurnia, B.Eng.(UGM, Indonesia), PhD (NUS, Singapore), CEng (UK, IMechE), P.Tech (MBOT), IPM (PII)

Area of expertise: Thermal fluid engineering, transport processes enhancement Energy system (Solar, geothermal, hydrogen) Thermal energy storage and thermal capacitor Mine ventilation and ventilation air methane utilization Professional achievement: More than 10 years of research and development experience in the field of transport phenomena and energy system. About 3 years and counting experience working on demanding industrial projects. Registered and certified as chartered/professional engineer with engineering professional body. Extensive experience in mathematical and computational modeling in tandem with experimental validation and verification. Extensive publications in international journals and referred conferences with a high number of citations. Securing competitive national and international grants and funding. More than 15 years of academic experience as tutor, laboratory assistant and senior lecturer with proficiency to adopt and implement new teaching pedagogy. Extensive experience in supervising and mentoring postgraduate and undergraduate students. Capable of establishing collaboration with overseas universities and international organizations. Extensive voluntary service to the academic community as visiting professor, invited speaker, journal guest editor, journal reviewer, conference committee and research grant reviewer.

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  • PT. Orca Industri Akademi, Satrio Tower, Floor 26, Unit C and D, East Kuningan, Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia